Muskoka Alternative Tourism

Who we are: 

Tiny Haus Lives  centers around offering unique weekly rental spaces. We pride ourselves in exploring alternative lifestyles, showcasing a Tiny house and Mongolian Yurt for guests to stay. Our goal is to give our customers an alternative tourism experience primarily based on exploring the local area and businesses.


To friends, family, colleagues, fellow business students and those who just may be interested:

The tiny house movement is growing rapidly in the United States and Western Canada

This tiny house would be available on a weekly rental basis, allowing individuals to explore alternative forms of living.As some of you may be aware, in the summer of 2016, my son, Julian Youd and I decided to undertake a project and bring a tiny house to Ontario in hopes of starting a larger conversation about alternative living and affordable, sustainable housing. We completed a 8 week business course offered through the Toronto Business Development re and the Toronto Public Library.


Tiny House
Our Yurts:

Measuring 19’ in Diameter, Our Yurts offer are large, comfortable, yet have a cozy feel. Robust and warm, yurts are the traditional dwellings of Mongolians, offering a cultural and environmental experience. Our Authentic Mongolian Yurts from Groovy Yurts have 3,000 years of history, and directly supports local communities in Mongolia.

Check out this Video about Groovy Yurts

Rent for events:

Want to see a Yurt at your place? Stand out from the crowd and set up a Yurt for your Event. This could be a Guest Sleeping Area, Information Kiosk, or Place to Stay for a Week let us delivery excitement to your place.

Best Deal $700/ Week (Mon – Fri) + Weekend ($250)
*Plus Security Deposit
Eco-Stay in Yurt