Minimalist type housing opens in Gravenhurst

A mother, son duo is taking on an alternative housing option geared towards reducing our carbon foot print. For the past two years, Caroline Crawford and Julian Youd have been interested in off-the-grid housing. On Saturday afternoon, the two held a grand opening for their 512 square-foot contemporary house “Tiny Haus” and Yurt for the public to see.

1 day ago

Anyone is Muskoka living in a Tiny House now? Or planning to in the future? Looking to collaborate! Could just be about sustainability and alternatives in Muskoka too

3 days ago

I'm trying to compile a list of fun things to-do in Gravenhurst. What's your favorite experience/things to do?

3 days ago
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Awesome to have @uoftinyhouses at the Tiny Haus today to conduct interview all about the Tiny house movement! Fantastic to see research being done! Keep up the awesome work 🙂 and thanks for coming ... See more

5 days ago

Happy Family Day Everyone!

6 days ago
Tiny House Video Tease

Starting up a YouTube Channel 🙂 Subscribe for videos!

Tiny House vacation rental in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Alternative living. Tiny house movement

1 week ago

Beautiful day today! What is everyone getting up to?

1 week ago
Best Low Cost Tiny House Alternative - The Mongolian Yurt

Hey I recognize that Yurt!

We met up with Rivkah from Groovy Yurts ( to learn about the traditional hand-painted yurts (gers) they import directly from Mongolia, an...

1 week ago

Fill in the blank: Happiness is ______________

1 week ago

Escaping the city and being closer to nature has been a dream come true for us at Tiny Haus Lives. It seems like yesterday this was just an idea. What things do you dream of doing?

1 week ago

What are your favorite activities to do in the woods?

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